Affiliated to Manipur University, Canchipur

The C.I.College, Bishnupur is a non-residential Government institution adopting a co-educational learning system. The institution envisions inculcation of value based and competitive system of education so as to enable students emanate success in real world. It adopts an inclusive system of education where socially, historically and geographically disadvantaged students are provided equitable educational opportunities and practical guidance to different streams of learning.

Located at the heart of Bishnupur District Head Quarters atop a historic hillock called Goddess Konung Lairembi where the Rasa Lila ( meaning, Rasa Dance) was believed to have been performed first, the C.I.College dignifies learning in a quaintly serene natural landscape.

The College is now undergoing a paradigm shift since recent past in terms of access, equity, relevance and reorientation of policies and programmes for laying emphasis on values, ethics and quality.

Chanambam Ibomcha College,(C.I.College) Bishnupur
Phone No.03879222064